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FIJIT Friends

Girls just wanna have fun!

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    purple - willa

    Willa the trend setting Fijit

    When it comes to forging friendships girls can be pretty fickle (just ask Paris Hilton). And although there are plenty of high-tech companions out there in toyland, few come close to the all-singing, all-dancing, all-chatting, all-giggling, all-wiggling fun of Fijit Friends.

    A global craze in the making, these amazing interactive creatures are set to become must-have friends for any girl who loves to play. We like to think of them as 21st century teddy bears with a magical sprinkling of tech but their makers insist they were created when a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music. Hmmm…

    Incredibly squishy ‘skin’ allows each Fijit Friend to move in a remarkably fluid fashion. They will also dance to whatever music they hear, perform their own songs, joke, chat and much more. They even react intuitively to your voice, identifying over 30 commands and responding with more than 150 phrases. It’s like having a hyperactive pal 24/7.

    chat to fijit squidgy body just dance!

    Talk to your FIJIT Friend

    Soft squishy body

    Dance around the bedroom

    pink - serafina

    Serafina the sweetie pie Fijit

    As well as audio cues, your Fijit Friend also responds to touch by bouncing, wiggling and giggling. Just give it a squish. Even its face and eyes light up. And when it’s time for bed, say goodnight and your Fijit Friend will glow like a nightlight as she nods off to sleep. Aww.

    Each Fijit Friend has her own personality that affects the way she interacts with you – for example Serafina the Sweetie Pie Fijit has a big heart and only wants to make you happy; Willa the Trend-Setting Fijit is always one step ahead of the fashion pack. Well that’s what it says here, and who are we to argue because experts agree demand for Fijit Friends is going to be phenomenal. So what are you waiting for? Hit the Buy button before our Fijit Friends wiggle and giggle their way out of the stockroom forever.

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