F5 Custom Golf Cart
  • F5 Custom Golf Cart

F5 Custom Golf Cart

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    Fiberglass body

    Each cart can be custom painted

    It’s easy to mock golf – the silly trousers, the extortionate fees, Donald Trump; we could go on. And we will! Because those golf carts are patently mad, as well. They may well be a handy and eco friendly way to get around the fairway, but they look like the anaemic cross between a milk float and a pushchair. Honestly, it’s no wonder Rory McIlroy hides his face under a cap. Indeed, considering golf is the preferred game of the planet’s richest and most powerful, there is a remarkable lack of style out there. Or at least, there was...

    Call it stylish, call it outrageous folly; we call it the F5 Custom Golf Cart. Styled like an Italian supercar, this electric buggy handles as well as any golf cart. Which is no accident. The F5 is modelled on the chassis of a ClubCar, so it’s capable of going everywhere a regular golf cart can.

    rear view

    The F5's style is inspired by a certain Italian supercar

    Well, almost anywhere. Because with a lowered fibreglass body and 15” rims you won’t want to be trailing this through the mud. But what does that matter? With a top speed of 20mph you’ll be happy to make like Magnum PI and take the scenic route.

    But don’t let the dinky dimensions fool you; the F5 is more than just an oversized toy. It comes with working horn, headlights, rear lights, indicator lights and side mirrors – perfect for navigating your way back to the clubhouse after the last hole of the day. Not to mention announcing your arrival (well, revving is going to be difficult).

    side profile

    It might not improve your handicap but it will certainly get you noticed by the club members

    optional baggage hole

    Useful optional bag holder

    Your battery level is indicated with a series of lights and an hour meter on the dashboard; so you’ll never be caught out of juice. And if you’re travelling with a partner you can fit an optional bag-holder to the rear. That’s assuming you haven’t sent your clubs ahead in another cart.

    So the next time you’re bouncing down the fairway in the usual 2-seater mobility scooter, think of the fun you could be having in your very own Diablo red sports buggy. Did someone yell Fore? No, it was F5!

    Choose your wheels:
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    Wheel option 2
    Wheel option 3

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