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F1 Mini Racers

    F1 Mini Racers

    What would Murray say?

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      Unless we're very much mistaken, watching F1 on the telly has definitely lost its sparkle since dear old Murray ("I've just stopped my startwatch") Walker decided to hang up his microphone. And where have all the maverick drivers gone? Mansell might have been a Brummie bore, but anyone who sports a 'tache/eyebrow combo like that in the fashionable world of F1 gets our vote any day of the week. In fact, as Murray himself once squealed: "Nigel Mansell is the man of the race, the man of the day - the man from the Isle of Man!"

      Mini Racer in hand

      Of course, if you're a serious petrolhead who's not into televisual trackwatching, you can always actually go to a race. But seeing as a grandstand seat is almost as much as Minardi's annual budget, and the security facing would-be gatecrashers is tighter than Martin Brundle's stonewashed jeans, the options for genuine fans are seriously limited.

      Mini Racer charging

      For this very reason, we've managed to secure a considerable shipment of utterly fantastic F1 Mini Racers. These sub-matchbox-sized speed machines are great fun, easy to drive and fully liveried-up to look like the real advert-swathed rockets that scream around the world's great circuits.

      Red Mini Racer

      Controlled via a weird and wonderful hand-held unit, F1 Mini Racers are available in 4 different frequencies, allowing wannabe Schumies to compete against each other for the world, well, office championship.


      Although F1 Mini Racers aren't as manoeuvrable as larger RC machines, they are pretty speedy, and you'll be amazed how something so incredibly small can generate such excitement. As Murray might say: "You can cut the atmosphere with a cricket stump!" In fact, F1 Mini Racers are so evocative of the whole F1 circus we'll leave the last words to the great man, because these babies "show just how important the car is in Formula One racing." Faaaaaantastic!

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