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    Programmable Frisbee

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      Please note: Stock due November 2003

      The humble Frisbee has been catapulted into the limelight and given a whole new lease of life with this clever technology. The EYE-FO has a row of flashing LED lights that look like nothing in particular until it's spinning. And this is when the trouble starts.

      Not that we'd ever be so childish but it's a good bet that pranksters up and down the country will be using their EYE-FO as a weapon of profanity. On second thoughts we might indulge a little just to see what all the fuss is about. Can anyone spell #&@$?

      The inspiration for the EYE-FO apparently came from Chinese Traffic Cops who put their batons to good use by waving out the words 'stop' and 'go'.

      Fortunately for the Chinese motorists those police batons weren't programmable but the new EYE-FO is. Players can fiddle with the controls under their Frisbees to their heart's content and send all manner of messages.

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