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    Extreme Dog Toys

    Ha Ha haaaa ha!

    Dogs love playing with daft toys almost as much as us humans. Okay, bow wows don't go a bundle on Firebox-style gadgets and gizmos, but when it comes to rubber bones, they go bananas. So imagine the fun they'll have with a comedy character that spouts hilarious phrases.

    Created to inject a touch of silliness into pooch's playtime, Extreme Dog Toys are little canvas figures containing sound chips that are activated the second Rover starts throwing them around. Grrrrr-eat!

    Extreme Dog Toys

    Hear the toy give the dog some lip!

    Unlike other talking dog toys, these supremely ridiculous dudes actually heckle your dog as he plays. And with three characters to choose from, you can match your Extreme Dog Toy to Fido's personality. For comedy-loving canines there's a clown that can't stop laughing and yelling phrases such as 'What dreadful breath you have, my friend!' and 'Oh my, Grandma, what big teeth you have!'

    Extreme Dog Toys

    Long arms for the dog
    to bite on!

    For pugnacious pooches how about a wrestler that shouts highly WWF-ish nonsense such as 'Who says wrestling ain't real?' and 'You never gonna get my belt little doggie!' Finally, for dogs that love the...erm, living dead (well you never know) there's a Zombie that does lots of moaning and says things like 'Aargh my leg...you can't kill what doesn't live!' and 'Ughr, tear me apart, my stitching is coming loose.' As you do.

    Extreme Dog Toys




    We guarantee owners will find Extreme Dog Toys amusing even if their furry friends fail to see the joke. And if you think your dog looks funny chewing a split tennis ball, wait until you see him grappling with a mouthy wrestler. 'Body slam!'

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