Expressive Pocket Notebook
  • Expressive Pocket Notebook
  • Expressive Pocket Notebook

Expressive Pocket Notebook

Note to self

Product not available at the moment.
  • Pack of 2 designer notebooks
  • A pocket blank canvas for all your mad feelings and ideas
  • No lines, no page numbers, no limitations
  • Simple cardboard cover design with black foil stamped text


Everyone loves being given a new notebook, but just what will you use it for this time? Will it be an erotic flip-book? A dream diary? A secretive list of the things you love? A documentation of your bosses tiresome sexist remarks? Whatever it is, write/draw/scrawl it in an Expressive Pocket Notebook.

Looking like a miniature confidential dossier snatched from a government bunker, these unassuming foil-stamped cardboard notebooks are the perfect place for your thoughts and doodles.

Stop scribbling all over your hand and typing into that soulless "Notes" app on your smart phone, embrace the freedom of a new blank canvas and express yourself.

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