Executive Hammock

    Executive Hammock

    It's tough at the top, especially when you're asleep.

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      If brown is the new black and staying in is the new going out, sleeping is most definitely the new working. It's all well and good saying you'll "sleep when you're dead", but why wait? With Executive Hammock you can have 40, 50 or even 500 winks whenever and wherever you like.

      This full-sized, high-tech hammock is nothing like the massive macramé monstrosities that people buy abroad and then discard in the cupboard together with 'Your Name Here' matador posters and gaudy oversized sombreros. No way, Jose. Executive Hammock is crafted in sturdy black nylon and is compact enough to tuck into your briefcase, pocket, handbag or lunchbox. You really won't believe how something so small unfolds into something so big!

      sturdy ring Simply unravel and attach each end of Executive Hammock to something that will bear your weight. Failing that, get two work experience bods to hold onto each end whilst you lay back and come up with your latest revelatory marketing idea. Once refreshed, simply untie and roll up, ready for your next power nap. It's the ultimate sybarite's delight.

      a hammock, yesterday Executive Hammock is also ideal for use in the home and garden, and makes lying around in clumpy wooden deckchairs look positively old hat. What's more, it's a great place to plonk pals who usually crash out on your sofa.

      scale shot If you've ever slept in a hammock you'll know it's the ultimate way to hang around in style and relax, so what are you waiting for? Get hammocking now! (Fan-wielding eunuchs and maidens with grapes not included).

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