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Exacto Pourers

    Exacto Pourers

    Does exacto what it says on the tin

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      2 pourers per pack
      It's all well and good knowing the constituent parts of a Mai Tai, but actually mixing the correct quantities together is much more difficult. Get the proportions all wrong and what should be a fine cocktail fit for any commerical bar ends up tasting like diet cherryade with a generous dash of meths. Enter, from a prominent position in the drinks cabinet, the Exacto Pourer.

      Fitted snugly to the neck of almost all common and big brand bottles of spirit, the Exacto Pourer dispenses a 25ml shot at every time of asking. Pouring. Exact. You can see what the marketeers were getting it when they named this thing. What you'll be getting is an ideal measure of booze with virtually no effort. That's as important for the humble gin and tonic as it is for the more complex drinks.

      The Exacto Pourer only comes up short with Baileys and similar cream liqueurs: they're too gloopy for its innards. And it won't fit onto the more esoteric bottle necks - think of those fiery fruit brews in oddly shaped bottles that made much more sense on the shelves of some foreign booze emporium than they do next to the Bombay Sapphire back in Blighty. Otherwise, this is an essential drinking accessory.

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