Evil Hot Gummi Bears
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  • Evil Hot Gummi Bears
  • Evil Hot Gummi Bears

Evil Hot Gummi Bears

They’ve got the devil in ‘em

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Evil Hot Gummi Bears
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  • Habanero-infused gummi beasts
  • They're the tiny treat that packs some spicy heat
  • We recommend eating them by the handful


Once upon a time, there were three bears – a big bear, a medium sized bear and tiny weeny bear. Being so small, the tiny weeny bear was forever being left behind and ignored. His cousins the bigger bears got all the attention with their bright colours and huge size. The little bear would often find himself left behind. He was so small, he thought, he was barely a bear at all.

But the tiny weeny bear was a resourceful sort. Not to mention a bit of a dark horse. Which is why, one day, he left his massive cousins without saying goodbye and climbed down into hell. Which is harder than it sounds. Once there he met Beelzibear, the Antipooh, and over a bottle of tequila and a bowl of chilli, reached something of an agreement.

Some time later, the tiny weeny bear returned. But there was something different about him. He was still the same size, still the same shape, but he was packed with more fire than a honey pot full of habaneros. No longer did he mind being the smallest bear at the party – he had the power to make people gasp, cry, sweat and turn a hilarious shade of purple. Which is more than his chubby cousins could do. The first Evil Hot Gummi Bear was born.

And now there flamin’ thousands of them! So everyone can share in the legacy of this fiery little hot ted. Pop a handful of Evil Hot Gummi Bears into your mush (or casually hand them round at your next party) and see what all the fuss is about. Go on… we dare you.
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37 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Hot hot hot. I thought this would be a bit of a joke gift but they really are hot! "
    - 25th of June, 2020
  • "My husband likes REALLY hot food so I bought these. He loved them, as hot as reviews suggest. Highly recommend, HOT be warned!"
    - 14th of May, 2020
  • "Bought for a 14 year olds birthday. He loved them - the only downside is he doesn’t get to share them with friends - less fun but still gr8"
    - 8th of April, 2020
  • "I gave it to a friend for Christmas and he loved them "
    - 20th of January, 2020
  • "Bought as presents, advised them NOT to eat all at once, advice ignored, ice pops were screamed for to cool a certain hole the next day 😂"
    - 16th of January, 2020