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Evel Knievel Rip Pull
  • Evel Knievel Rip Pull

Evel Knievel Rip Pull

Today your desk, tomorrow Snake Canyon!

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    Pulling the rip pull

    Pull the rip pull to get him going!

    Whether he was careering headfirst into Caesar’s Palace or going for a burton attempting to leap over a load of London buses, Evel Knievel managed to generate more column inches than any other accident-prone stuntman in history.

    And now, thanks to your loon-loving friends at Firebox, you can re-enact our bourbon-soaked hero’s finest moments with the officially licensed Evel Knievel Rip Pull.

    Measuring only 10cm x 7cm, this mini stunt bike is just as thrilling as its hand-cranked big brother, only this time you won’t have to cart around a clunky energiser. (We always thought winding up a crazy biker was a bad idea).

    Animation of Evel Knievel making a jump
    All you do is pull the ripcord through the rear wheel to crank the gyro and you’re away. If anything, this fearless little Evel’s even faster than the iconic best seller. Plus he’s seriously portable. There’s even a stunt ramp and ominous-looking cut-out ‘ring of fire’ incorporated into the packaging. Next stop, Snake Canyon! Well maybe not. How about the conference room?

    The Rip Pull

    The Rip Pull

    Cutting out the flames

    Cut-out fire!

    Just think of the fun you’ll have using various desktop accessories to help/hinder your diminutive daredevil. He can leap over rows of red staplers, plummet into pin-infested pen tidies, and wheelie past piles of annual reports before performing wince-inducing wipe-outs en route to A and E. It’s just like the glory days, because watching poor ol’ Evel come a cropper is half the fun. Well okay, it’s all the fun. Hell, yeah!

    A fantastic little pressie for the executive stuntman with everything, the Evel Knievel Ripcord Racer is destined to become as ubiquitous as Evel himself, so it’s only fitting our sign off comes from the late, great man in his prime: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, it is truly an honour to risk my life for you.’ Erm, quite.

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