Summer Sale 2018
Evel Knievel Bathrobe
  • Evel Knievel Bathrobe

Evel Knievel Bathrobe

Do try this at home

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    Evel Knievel Bathrobe

    Evel Knievel Logo on back

    We may not have the nerve to leap over unfeasibly-large objects on a motorcycle, but that won’t stop us showing our love for Team Knievel with this glorious Evel Knievel Bathrobe.

    Styled on the trademark getup of the famous daredevil – and world record holder for most broken bones in one lifetime (thirty-seven) – this comfy cotton bathrobe features Evel’s starry blue and white colour scheme and logo emblazoned across the back. Perfect for the risk-taker in your life, or for rewarding your own daredevil deeds.

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