Eva Solo Garden Tool Set
  • Eva Solo Garden Tool Set

Eva Solo Garden Tool Set

Gardening with style

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    available in grey or green

    Stackable design

    Most gardening tools look like they’ve been doing the same job, unchanged, for centuries. So if they’re not broken, than why fix them? Well, because they look old, that’s why. So to spruce things up a bit we’ve found the Eva Solo Garden Tool Set – just as functional as their aging rivals, but with a little modern styling thrown in.

    But wait! As it happens, the cool curving handles of these garden tools aren’t just for show. The smaller-handled fork will actually slot inside the trowel when not in use; and the hole in each allows them to be hung up out of the way. Thanks to the curving shape, these holes can also be used for funnelling seeds when you’re sowing new plants. Functional and stylish? Now that’s some 21st century thinking.

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