Firebox 20th Birthday
Eva Solo Bird Feeder
  • Eva Solo Bird Feeder

Eva Solo Bird Feeder

Dinner and a great view

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    Stylish feeding station for sparrows

    Bird feeders can look so plain and boring, dangling from a branch... full of nuts... *yawn*. So when the Eva Solo Bird Feeder arrived in the Firebox Garden we were chirping away like giddy sparrows.

    This stylish hand-blown glass bubble is a great way to watch your visiting birds having a nibble. Just fill it with your choice of nuts, seeds, crisps, Bombay mix (we’re not sure what birds like); and use the Solo’s clever fixture to attach it to any overhanging structure.

    The stunning glass ball has two entrance holes, so it can accommodate more than one bird at a time. Plus, having a choice of exits also means your feathered guests will feel safer stopping for longer. They get dinner and you get a show! How’s that for entertainment?

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