Eton Scorpion
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Eton Scorpion

Radio... USB charger... bottle opener?

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    Eton Scorpion

    Radio.... and a torch!

    Short of walking up the big hills for you, the Eton Scorpion has everything you could need for a trip into the wilderness. Modestly described as a multi-function radio, this rugged gadget can be powered by hand using a fold-out turbine handle, or (if that sounds like too much effort) an integral solar panel.

    As well as running a host of typical analogue radio functions, all that hand-cranking or sun-baking will also power a built-in LED torch and a USB mobile phone socket. Completing this tough little wundergadget is a sturdy aluminium carabiner and a bottle-opener. Well... taking on nature can be thirsty work.

    Eton Scorpion Eton Scorpion Eton Scorpion

    Wind it up

    Solar panel

    USB charger, Audio in/out, Power

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