Eton Raptor Solar-Charger
  • Eton Raptor Solar-Charger

Eton Raptor Solar-Charger

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    All the information you need for surviving in the wilderness

    Now, we’re not questioning your natural survival instincts – being able to make a hat out of dandelions could save your life – but next time you wander into the wilderness you might want to pack the Eton Raptor Solar-Charger with All-Terrain Guidance Functions just incase. Because short of giving you a piggyback, this brilliant gadget will provide everything you need to get you from A to B; including a compass, altimeter, barometer and NOAA weather alerts.

    Just like its hand-powered cousin the Eton Scorpion, this brilliant piece of kit is designed to take all the knocks and bumps a rugged adventurer might encounter. It even comes with a handy carabiner for clipping to your backpack; and at 320g you’ll barely notice it’s there!


    Don't leave home without it

    But the Raptor isn’t just there for the journey. Once you reach your destination or make camp, it can be used as a radio, alarm clock, USB charger for your other gadgets, and even a bottle opener (survival is thirsty work). And just like any rugged adventurer, it’s completely self-sufficient – recharging itself using the built-in monocrystal solar panel. So even if you’re out in the wild for days on end, it’ll be with you every step of the way.

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