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Essence 4 Universal Remote
  • Essence 4 Universal Remote

Essence 4 Universal Remote

Declutter your buttons

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    The shiny buttons

    Shiny buttons!

    Like a real-life version of Tetris, the space around our TV is slowly being filled by boxes of all shapes and sizes- all in the name of home entertainment. While it certainly looks impressive, remembering which remote controls which box can be a blinking nightmare.

    Thanks to the Essence 4 Universal Remote, controlling your home entertainment empire is now that little bit easier. Capable of controlling up to 4 devices, this is a tidy way to manage your terrestrial TV, Satelite/Cable/Freeview Boxes, DVD and Amplifier/Tuner. Talk about multi-tasking!

    The Remote

    The Remote

    The simple three step setup will have your surfing the channels in no time, and there are even extra buttons to enhance your digital TV experience.

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