Espresso & Latte Mug
  • Espresso & Latte Mug
  • Espresso & Latte Mug

Espresso & Latte Mug

Two drinks, one cup

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Espresso & Latte Mug
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  • The revolutionary new way to enjoy your caffeinated beverages
  • Espresso cup and saucer one side, regular-sized mug on t'other
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Made from white porcelain


There's nothing more unsatisfying than knocking back your espresso from the bottom of a normal-sized mug (except maybe trying to fit a full latte into a tiny espresso cup).

The Espresso & Latte Mug is your new 2-in-1 coffee drinking solution. An Espresso cup and saucer on the top, and a regular coffee mug on the bottom – or vica versa depending on your mood.

Delicately crafted from white porcelain, this inspired drinking vessel is going to revolutionise your morning routine.

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