Esc and Ctrl Cufflinks
  • Esc and Ctrl Cufflinks

Esc and Ctrl Cufflinks

Crash the party

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    Impress the IT crowd

    Have you ever been to a swanky party that’s so achingly dull you’d happily jump out of a window to escape? Well you’re not alone. But thankfully in these circumstances there’s a way to raise your spirits (and keep your shirt sleeves smart as well).

    Equal parts geek and chic, the Esc and Ctrl Cufflinks put two classic keyboard keys at your fingertips. Sure to catch the eye of techies and typists alike, these quality metal cufflinks are rhodium plated for durability and shine.

    Of course, pressing them won’t actually do anything... but knowing you’re wearing the keyboard command for doing a bunk is bound to give you a chuckle. Even when Aunt Margot talks with a mouthful of macaroons or Uncle Cecil plays Yankee Doodle on the spoons.

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