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Epic Win & Fail Stamps
  • Epic Win & Fail Stamps

Epic Win & Fail Stamps

The ultimate seal of approval... or not!

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    When someone’s done so fantastically well that 'good job' doesn’t quite cut it, or messed up so embarrassingly badly that a quiet 'better luck next time' just won’t suffice, let Epic Win & Fail Stamps do the talking for you. These straight-to-the-point rubber stamps let you make your feelings known in one easy ker-chunk!

    Desktop size and self-inking they’re the perfect office accessory when it comes to expressing yourself. Use them on documents, photographs, sticky-notes, or even badly-cleaned crockery. Alternatively we've been using them to help make highly informed comments in the latest glossy magazines. Pippa Middleton? Epic Win! Jedward? Hmm...

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