Summer Sale 2018
Eon Ice Credit Card Torch

    Eon Ice Credit Card Torch

    Coolly illuminating

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      It's a good thing that the thirst for retro hasn't taken in the humble torch. Never again will two giant blue Ever Ready batteries be forced up against a spring to power a bulb flimsier than a pair of tissue paper trousers. The Eon Ice Credit Card is the antithesis of those monsters; sleek, thin, waterproof and very cool looking.

      There's no bulb as such. Two blue LEDs are the source of light and pretty strong they are too. Which means the light will always last as long as the batteries do. They'll only stop working if you were to place the Eon Ice in front of a goods train. Which we don't recommend you try.

      It's the kind of torch you can just leave somewhere, because it hardly takes up any room and it's not so small that you have to hunt for it every time you want to use it. And because the batteries have a lifespan of up to a decade, it'll work when you dig it out the back of a drawer.

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