Enigma 1
  • Enigma 1

Enigma 1

Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny digicam with little screeny.

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    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, digital photography is totally where it's at. This fabulous format is ultra-convenient, mega-versatile and virtually dummy-proof. What's more, the fact that the cameras do not require rolls of film means boffins can cram more technology into less hardware. So when we say a camera is pocket sized, we really mean it - particularly when talking about the superb Enigma 1.

    Enigma 1: Rear View

    This itsy-bitsy box of tricks is no bigger than a deck of cards, but it can perform photographic magic when compared to similarly priced 35mm machines. Just make sure you don't tell your friends how cheap the Enigma 1 is when snapping them, as incredulous blinking is bound to blight even the best of shots. The look and feel of this sleek little baby defies its ludicrously low price tag, especially when you consider the features it packs.

    Enigma 1: Lens

    For starters, the Enigma 1 boasts a 1.1" screen that allows you to review your pix and decide if they're worth saving. Its 8MB internal SDRAM memory holds up to 187 images at 640x480 pixels (or 49 at 1280x960 pixels) and it's also a PC webcam. Uploading your precious piccies is a doddle - simply plug the Enigma 1 into the nearest USB port and you're away. The dummy-proof software makes managing your shots easier than taking them - even total technophobes will be snap happy.

    Enigma 1: LCD Screen

    The Enigma's piddling proportions make it ideal for taking out on social occasions, as it's so small it will snuggle safely in the lower depths of your pocket. Plus, you'll be able to review your shots in an instant via the handy screen. The real enigma here is how on earth the people at Digital Dreams ever managed to make such a gorgeously chic camera AND shoehorn a screen into it for such a low, low price.

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