Enigma 1.3 Digital Camera

    Enigma 1.3 Digital Camera

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      Hot on the heels of that triumph of modern digital design, the L'espion (and its high-end followup, the Epsilon 1.3), comes the latest in Digital Dream's master-class in digital photography, the Enigma 1.3.

      Touted as the World's smallest 1.3-megapixel camera with a flash, the Enigma has brought untold joy to the Firebox office since it's arrival, one staff member literally weeping with joy after just five minutes in its presence, another unable to speak for a full half-hour as it was removed from the box and held aloft to rapturous applause.

      Believe you me, we've seen a lot of cameras in our time, but few compare to the Enigma when it comes to features, build quality, and drop-dead style at this price point. With its pint-sized 70x50x23mm dimensions, it's a wonder they've managed to squeeze all the electronic gubbins inside to make it all work, but squeeze them they have.

      Features-wise, the Enigma has everything a man (or woman) could need in a digital camera. It's got two quality modes (true 1.3 mega-pixel or 640x480), webcam functionality and a movie mode.

      With all this gadgetry crammed into one device, it'd be downright rude not to give it a chassis that'll take the knocks a take-anywhere camera is bound to receive, which is why the Enigma sports a durable metal casing that'll see it through just about anything life cares to throw at it. That's provided life doesn't see fit to throw a lump hammer, tank, or JCB at it, of course.

      In standard trim, the Enigma is capable of storing a colossal 140 images in 640x480 mode and 20 at maximum resolution - and if that doesn't have you whooping and high-fiving everyone in the room like you attend an American high school, then you can always splash out on a bundle with a larger SmartMedia Card (available in 64MB and 128MB flavours on this very site), thanks to the Enigma's SmartMedia expansion slot.

      Included is a comprehensive suite of top-drawer software, such as Ulead's PhotoExpress 4 and the Eyestar Mail package, designed for online use. Also thrown in is a handy wrist strap and protective pouch to keep your already bullet-proof Enigma out of harms way.

      The Enigma is surely destined to follow in the footsteps of that other cheeky little Digital Dream pipsqueak, the L'espion and become a huge seller. Not sure about naming it after an eighties combo of staunch panpipe devotees. Still, you can't have it all, can you?

      • Built-in Auto-flash
      • 1.3 mega-pixel resolution
      • True video capability (no sound)
      • 8MB on-board memory, expandable to 128MB with SmartMedia cards
      • Self-timer
      SmartMedia SmartMedia Memory Upgrade
      The standard Enigma 1.3 ships with 8MB of built-in memory. To hold more photos at higher resolution you can buy additional SmartMedia cards - either on their own or save money when you buy them with the camera itself!

      Click here to buy SmartMedia cards separately.

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