Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion
  • Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion

Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion

A moving experience

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    Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion

    Tilting motion

    When it comes to typing are you a basher or a tinkler? Or maybe you finger those keys with a finesse worthy of a true maestro? It really doesn’t matter because one way or another you’re doing your hands and wrists few favours using a conventional keyboard. That’s why you need the revolutionary Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion.

    Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion

    Sliding motion

    Brought to you by Smartfish, this ultra-smart keyboard boasts sophisticated intelligence that monitors your typing behaviour (location of popular keys, finger position, etc) and determines when to subtly change its position via a patented motorised motion system. Thanks to these discreet movements your hands and wrists are never in a fixed state while you type. RSI? No chance.

    Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion

    Sleek design

    As well as reducing the risk of injury, this periodic movement promotes circulation and makes typing incredibly comfortable. You’ll wonder how you ever put finger to key without it. In fact we’re writing these very words using an Engage and we’ve never felt happier or healthier. Well okay, we’re dictating them to our resident keyboard monkey but he seems to be enjoying himself. ‘More coffee, Mungo?’

    Despite its hard-working internal motors, the plug ‘n’ play Engage is powered by a single USB connection, no batteries or additional wires required. It really will revolutionise the way you type. It looks pretty sleek too. All you need now are some worthwhile words to write. ‘Dear Firebox, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.’

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