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There’s somebody at the door!

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    Moving Emu's head and mouth with your arm and hand

    Watch out when Emu's about!

    We honestly believe Emu was the funniest thing ever to grace the magic rectangle. No, really. Whether he was launching unprovoked attacks on Parky, eating the Queen Mum’s bouquet or snarling at Grotbags, Rod Hull’s maniacal puppet had us stitching up our sides every time we clapped eyes on him.

    And now, thanks to your Pink Windmill worshipping friends at Firebox, you can make the feathers fly with your very own version of the loopiest bird in history *mildly sexist joke removed following legal advice*.

    Fully licensed, this quality puppet features a highly expressive beak, gangly legs and soft blue fur. The tinselly plumage may have gone but those beady eyes that struck fear into a generation of toupee-wearing chat show hosts remain.

    Emu's beady eye and colourful fur

    Someone has got their (beady) eye on you!

    Simply slip your arm up Emu’s hand hole (see, you’re laughing already) and let the madness begin. Obviously you’ll be unable to match the crackpot genius of Rod Hull, but with a bit of practice you’ll soon be attacking colleagues and demolishing the office with impunity. You can even attack yourself.

    Emu attacking Larna

    Our very own Joe "Rod" Hurn just can't control Emu!

    Forget comedy titans like Barry Chuckle and Basil Brush. In full slapstick mode Emu makes the funniest thing you’ve ever seen seem as funny as a post millennial Steve Martin movie. And that’s without the assistance of a fake plastic arm and a 240v ginger hair don’t.

    The famous Rod and Emu on Parkinson TV clip

    Watch the famous clip of Emu attacking Parky on BBC!

    We guarantee the memories will come flooding back the second you curl Emu’s beak into that ‘look, he likes you’ pre-attack snarl. You might even hear the legendary ‘there’s somebody at the door’ chant as you pretend to rein him in with your spare hand. If you are mad.

    With Emu starring in a brand new TV show alongside Rod Hull’s son Toby, there’s never been a better time to indulge in a little Emu related pandemonium. So get ordering. And in the words of Rod Hull himself: ‘Ooh, ‘ere, Emu…no, don’t do that….aargh!’

    Small and Large sizes available...

    Comparing the Small and large Emus

    Two birds are better than one

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