Emperor 1510 Computer Environment
  • Emperor 1510 Computer Environment

Emperor 1510 Computer Environment

This is no ordinary chair

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    Immerse yourself in data

    Tired of the long hours sitting at your desk staring at your computer, hunched up and uncomfortable? Isn’t it time you upgraded your environment to something a little more impressive? The answer is yes.

    Which is why we’ve located the ultimate ergonomic workstation for your home or office; the Emperor 1510 Computer Environment. This is much more than a new office chair.

    Manufactured from highly resistant Canadian steel, it features fully adjustable monitor mounts and keyboard tray, soft LED lighting bars, a purpose built BOSE sound system and a full array of computer, console and aux cable connections. Everything is adjustable and thanks to it’s signature ‘scorpion’ design, the Emperor will even tilt backwards for absolute comfort.

    Emperor 1510 Computer Environment

    Control panel and beverage holder

    Emperor 1510 Computer Environment

    Also available in white

    Emperor 1510 Computer Environment

    Great for work or gaming

    Emperor 1510 Computer Environment

    Chair and screens are fully adjustable

    You'll experience unprecedented levels of comfort and near total immersion thanks to specially positioned monitors, elite audio system and a whole host of accessories. It’s like those chairs in the matrix, except Keanu Reeves isn’t around and you don’t have a computer cable jammed into your neck.

    There is no spoon.
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