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Emoji Mugs

😊 ✖️ ☕

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  • Never have to speak to people again, just get them a hot drink
  • Three classic emojis – sleeping, winky face and ol' heart eyes
  • Shamelessly unofficial! Who the hell copyrights a smiley face!?
  • Holds liquids like you would not believe
Whether it's motivating a team with the power of caffeine or subtly trying to spark an office romance – hot drinks are a highly sophisticated form of communication.

These Emoji Mugs have taken this fine art to the next level so that you can convey an even wider array of messages.

😜 – You absolutely saved my ass in that meeting. Hadn't prepared at all. I owe you one.
😴 – Overslept again eh? Here's a nice strong coffee. WAKE. UP.
😍 – Will you please stop clicking around Pinterest and just finish that assignment like I asked. Love yoouu!

Or alternatively...

😜 – Maybe I spat in this, maybe I didn't. Enjoy your beverage
😴 – I simply cannot be arsed today
😍 – See you in the post room in 5 minutes

Never have to speak to people again, just get them a nice hot drink.

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