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Emoji Keyboard Cover

A picture is worth a thousand words

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  • Bring the untold expressive power of emojis to your finger tips 😱 😀 🎉 👍
  • Access up to 300 emojis without even batting an eyelid
  • Made from thin-skin silicone – easily peels on and off
  • Designed by Disk Cactus and brought to life on Kickstarter
  • Also protects your keyboard from 🍪 and 🍷
  • Not just rad laptop techno-swag but a serious productivity tool
That's right, 💾 🌵 🎈 😎 💩 ❤ ️ is the new QWERTY.

Emojis make up at least 50% of all our daily communications so why are they confined to our smartphones or buried in the depths of some drop-down menu? No more! The Emoji Keyboard Cover liberates these lil' guys and brings their joyous expressive powers directly to your fingertips. 👯💃

Designed by an emerging art and technology studio in Oakland, California and brought to life on Kickstarter; this slim-line silicone cover sits snugly on your keyboard and links up with some magical software so that you can type emojis like it's the most normal thing in the world. They've "scientifically" selected the perfect array of 50 emojis, just hit caps lock and you're ready to go. Other key combos to access up to 300 more emojis? No 💩 Sherlock.

The fun definitely doesn't have to stop at emails and social media either, the Emoji Keyboard Cover unlocks all sorts of bold new possibilities – file names, folder names, the name of your wifi network, everything. This is not merely another piece of laptop techno-swag but a serious productivity tool. 🙌

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  • "Love the concept, fits nicely but not great for typing on constantly."
    Al - 20th of February, 2017