Eminent Twistable HDMI Cables
  • Eminent Twistable HDMI Cables

Eminent Twistable HDMI Cables

A very capable cable

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    Shorten the cable with a twist.
    No more tangled wires!

    Look, an HDMI cable! Ooooooh... oh alright, so on first inspection Twistable HDMI Cables might not look like much. But they must’ve had a trick up their sleeves to make the needles on our quirk-detectors twitch. So what makes them so special?

    Well, elevating them above other humdrum cables, these gold-plated numbers can actually be bent to hold any shape. They’re a nifty way to make sure you’re not tripping over unsightly trailing wires; and you can even wrap them around other cables as a wire tidy. And all without any loss in signal quality. Not so dull after all then... right?

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