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Emergency Nap Kit
  • Emergency Nap Kit
  • Emergency Nap Kit
  • Emergency Nap Kit
  • Emergency Nap Kit

Emergency Nap Kit

Sleep around

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  • Drift off into a cosy and relaxing slumber at a moments notice
  • Contains an inflatable mattress and a full length sleeping suit
  • As essential to any office or car boot as a first-aid kit
  • Important decision? Sleep on it – immediately


We've all found ourselves in a dangerous state of drowsiness, half dreaming half awake, unable to function properly, just a couple more weary blinks away from falling helplessly into a deep slumber. Whether you're sat at your desk or behind the wheel, sometimes you need to just stop what you're doing and catch up on some quality sleep. You need the Emergency Nap Kit.

Originally designed in Japan with the intention of people using them whilst stranded during an earthquake (of course, just have a niiice relaxing nap while the very fabric of your world crumbles around you), this essential piece of kit allows you to catch a precious 40 winks at a moments notice.

We appreciate that there isn't always a couple of opportune palm trees nearby, so rather than a hammock this impromptu pack includes a comfortable inflatable mattress for you to rest your weary head. Better still, instead of a cosy blanket that you'll never want to take off, the kit contains a full-length sleeping suit so you can prolong those warm fuzzy feelings long after your nap.

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  • "Prezi for the boss's birthday, hadn't even realised it comes with a pump too. Fab gift, especially as it looks like an innocuous file of work stuff!"
    Donna - 28th of March, 2015