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Emergency Charger
  • Emergency Charger

Emergency Charger

Dead mobile? AA (battery) to the rescue!

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    Isn't a shame you can't shove a regular AA battery in your mobile phone when it runs out of juice? Well, with the forehead-slappingly simple Emergency Charger you can do exactly that - sort of.

    Emergency Phone Charger

    Takes just one AA battery

    Just bung an AA battery in this über-chic aluminium tube, attach it to your phone or iPod (using one of the many included adaptors) and hey presto - up to two hours of extra talk time is whooshed into your beloved mobi. Good, eh! Charging time varies depending on your handset but it's usually about the same as a mains charger.

    Emergency Phone Charger

    Plug in the phone adapter

    Cheap as chips, the take-anywhere Emergency Charger is one of those devices you may not need today, tomorrow, or even next week. But need it you will because boffins have yet to invent a phone battery that lasts indefinitely. (Although Jack Bauer's seems to do okay).

    Emergency Phone Charger

    Comes with iPod connector!

    Emergency Phone Charger
    Just pop the Emergency Charger in your pocket along with your keys, cash and mobile phone or iPod (obviously) and relax, safe in the knowledge AA batteries are available virtually anywhere on the planet. That's assuming you're reading this from Earth - if not, we strongly suggest you check their availability before ordering.

    Emergency Phone Charger
    Armed with this sleek little gizmo you'll never have to worry about running out of juice during vital conversations or rock sessions. Who knows, you could be desperate for a taxi, talking to the love of your life, phoning home, or eager to discuss the latest goings on in the Big Brother house (a ten second call, max). The point is, the Emergency Charger is powered by one of the most readily available power sources in the world. Just load up and get charging. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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