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Elvis Duck
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Elvis Duck

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    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to cross Elvis with a duck? No, us neither. We're too busy messing about with gadgets and gizmos to waste time on weighty conjecture involving cultural icons and waterfowl.

    Elvis Duck
    Thankfully the makers of the madcap Elvis Duck have obviously got more time on their hands because they've successfully united the King and an impossibly cute rubber duckie. And not just any old duckie, because this little fella doubles up as a water-based mood light, phasing through a kaleidoscope of funky colours as he floats about in the tub. You can't help falling in love with him!

    Those of you with suspicious minds may be wondering how this rockin' and rollin' bird performs its bath-based magic. Well, Elvis Duck's internal LEDs are water-activated. Taking him out of the bath causes the circuit to break and his lights to go off. (Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the bath tub).

    With his slick quiff, Vegas-era shades and white jumpsuit, the Elvis Duck looks every inch the superstar. But despite the realism we guarantee he won't demand any fried peanut butter sarnies or start firing at the telly to change channels. All he requires are 3 x 1.5V batteries (included).

    We can't tell you how pleasantly surreal relaxing in the tub with an Elvis Duck really is. Dim the lights, put on a few Presley classics and you'll be itching to uh-huh-huh along to the music. Just don't try any of those trademark kung fu kicks; a Firebox employee is still limping having trapped a big toe in the tap whilst getting all shook up listening to The Wonder of You.

    Speaking of wonderment, the Elvis Duck is a great gift for fans of bathing and rock 'n' roll. And that's pretty much everyone, isn't it? So don't be cruel, get ordering - it's now or never. Well thanguverymush!

    (Firebox apologises for the proliferation of awkwardly shoehorned-in Elvis songs in the above text).

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