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Elodie the Unicorn Ramen Bowl

Serve up some magic

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Elodie the Unicorn Ramen Bowl
This is only available at Firebox!
  • Slurp your noodles from a mythical creature
  • Use it as a two bowls, or leave Elodie's head on as a lid
  • Designed to fit a block of instant noodles without breaking it 🙌
  • Made from high quality ceramic – microwave friendly
Whether your chowing down on some tonkatsu, slurping up your yakisoba or just munching a bowl of soggy Cheerios – add a little magic to your meals with Elodie the Unicorn Ramen Bowl.

This enchanted dish splits into two parts so you can either use it as a pair of bowls or leave Elodie's smiling face on top to keep your meals nice and steamy.

Best of all, Elodie has been specifically designed for people lacking basic cookery skills to fit in a block of instant noodles without you having to break it.

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