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Elodie the Unicorn Humidifier

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Elodie the Unicorn Humidifier
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  • Puffs out a cool mist to humidify your surroundings for 6-8 hours
  • Add your own essential oils for some next-level fragrant ambience
  • Handy auto shut-off modes at 60, 90 and 180 minutes
  • Doubles up as a colour-changing mood light
  • Perfect perched on your bedside table or sat on your work desk
  • Brought to life by nearly 2000 unicorn-obsessed fans on Kickstarter
Chapped lips? Blocked sinuses? General hatred of dry air? We know a unicorn that can fix that.

Elodie the Unicorn Diffuser puffs out a cooling water vapour to humidify your surroundings for up to eight hours. You can even add your own essential oils to this chubby little creature for a mind-clearing, fragrant ambience.

As if that wasn't enough to improve your mood and wellbeing – Elodie also doubles up as a colour-changing light, cycling through a whole rainbow of bright hues to lighten up your living space.

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  • "I bought this as a Christmas present and i wish i had one! It lights up and could make your room smell nice with added scent (optional)"
    Kirsty - 4th of December, 2017