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Elmo Live
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Elmo Live

There's got to be a bloke inside!

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    It's time to meet a muppet. But it's not just any muppet. It's Elmo Live and he's the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppet-ational interactive fuzzy fella we've ever seen. Seeing is disbelieving!

    Elmo Live

    Elmo wants your attention!

    Elevating plush toys to completely new levels of realism, this fur-squishingly cute muppet is guaranteed to blow you away. And seeing as you're reading this we'll assume you're over five-years-old, so imagine how impressed a pre-school Elmo fan will be. It's as if the world's favourite goggle-eyed Sesame Street character has come to life.

    Elmo Live


    State of the art technology allows Elmo Live to sing, dance, tell jokes and stories, play games and move about in a jaw-droppingly realistic manner. His bonkers mannerisms are right on target. He even crosses his legs as he natters away, and yells 'jazz hands!' after performing his latest rap hit,. It's uncanny and utterly hysterical. We defy you not to crack up the second you see him perform.

    Elmo Live

    Give Elmo a hug!

    Elmo busts out different moves and routines with a tickle or squeeze of his foot, tummy, back or nose. He'll even ask for hugs, blow you kisses, sneeze when you tweak his nose and tell you he loves you. Bless. Apart from getting one of Jim Henson's muppeteers to pop by, we can think of no better way to bring the nutty magic of Elmo into your home.

    As any muppet knows, every incarnation of Elmo has been a must-have global smash, and Elmo Live is no exception. So hurry up and get ordering while stocks last, otherwise the joke will most definitely be on you!

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