Electronic Sudoku (London Lite Offer)

    Electronic Sudoku (London Lite Offer)

    Old-style Sudoku? The number's up!

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      Despite Sudoku's recent boom in popularity the game itself has been around for yonks. So it's rather surprising that nobody has ever bothered to produce a handheld electronic version. Well, guess what? They have now, and it's here at Firebox!

      Electronic Sudoku is, as you may have surmised, a handheld LCD version of the world's favourite numbers puzzle, and it's just as fiendishly addictive as the printed game seen in every newspaper in the land. The difference here is that you won't get your mitts grubby or be distracted by pages of non-stories as you play.

      Electronic Sudoku If you're reading this and wondering if Electronic Sudoku transforms into a radio controlled spacedog, fires edible scorpions or plays DVDs, then the answer is no. So how come Firebox is selling it, then? Well, the fact is Sudoku really is as ridiculously compelling as everyone says. And this electronic version might not feature dive-bombing aliens or mallet-happy plumbers, but it's just as unputdownable as the Donkey Kongs and Galaxians of this world.

      Electronic Sudoku Basically, the object of Sudoku is to solve mind-mangling number puzzles and enter your solutions on a crossword-style grid. Yes, we know that sounds about as interesting as... er, solving number puzzles played on a crossword-style grid, but believe us, the minute you start playing you'll be hopelessly hooked. A bazillion Carol Vorderman fans can't be wrong, can they?

      Electronic Sudoku Indeed, Electronic Sudoku has impressed us so much we're selling two different versions: the standard pushbutton/joypad edition features over 750 puzzles, 3 skill levels, a puzzle timer and sound effects. Perfect for Sudoku fans on the move. The ultra-chic touch screen edition contains over 100,000 puzzles and features 2 modes with 4 skill levels a piece. Simply input your solutions via the easy-to-use touch screen stylus. Ideal for roving Sudoku sophisticates.

      Electronic Sudoku If you're eager to sample the delights of Sudoku but would sooner be caught reading Anorak Weekly than seen travelling with a puzzle book or a pile of papers, Electronic Sudoku is most definitely for you. In fact, old-style Sudoku's number could well be up!

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