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      Now, gather round all you fans of retro-trash, because designer Jaro Gielens has collected over 400 'old school' computer games for your delight and delectation. This German-based Dutch designer has gone back to the Pre-Cambrian era of battery-power, 'handhelds' and 'tabletops' (remember them?) and documented the best and barmiest in Electronic Plastic.

      When introduced in the mid '70s, kids became addicted to the portable machines that boasted games such as Blockbuster, Pinball and Race'n'Chase. Then along came exchangeable cartridge systems in the mid '80s and before you could say Playstation, it was all over. Now, thanks to lovable eccentrics like Gielens, you can relive those heady days of Mattel and Bambino whilst lusting after them in glorious Euro-technicolour.

      Being in the design/interactive trade himself, Gielens has recruited ultra-hip Swiss graphics group Büro Destruct to create droolathon visual layouts. It's all there in glorious '80's computer game style - the fonts, the colours, the icons, the whole darn lot. And it looks good – very good. Put four legs on this one and you'd have the ultimate retro computer game coffee-table book (maybe it's time someone invented one).

      Put this out and your mates won't leave it alone. Look at it for any length of time and it's enough to send you scurrying round the attic, searching for anything left over from childhood...

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