Electronic Music Synth T-Shirt
  • Electronic Music Synth T-Shirt

Electronic Music Synth T-Shirt

I plink, therefore I am

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    Nice design, great technology

    Sounds as good as it looks

    Tinkling all over yourself sounds pretty weird but you’ll soon get the hang of it thanks to this amazing T-shirt. Ideal for wannabe ivory tappers, the Electronic Music Synth T-Shirt is exactly that – a stylish tee with a fully playable integrated synth emblazoned across the front.

    Yes, we realise keyboards are not as rebellious as guitars or drums but we guarantee anyone with an ounce of musicality will be unable to resist a quick tippity tap. (That’s Pete Doherty out then). And just wait till you hear the incredible pro-quality sounds this sucker emits. It’s even polyphonic so as many as eight keys can be played at once. Elton-tastic!

    wearable retro amp

    The amp can hide inside the hem of the t-shirt or be worn on the hip

    With five different sampled instruments you’ll soon be emulating…um, Vangelis…? Kraftwerk? That bloke from Keane? Depeche Mode? Well there must be some other famous synth players out there but we’ve been too busy trying to master the melody from The Final Countdown to bother Googling them. Suffice to say, you’ll be knocking out your favourite synth-driven classics in no time. ‘Ooh, Jump by Van Halen!’

    But where does all this weird and wonderful sound come from, we hear you ask as you flex your fingers in muso-ish anticipation? From a wearable retro-style amp with adjustable tone and volume knobs, that’s where. Walk in the pub wearing this strikingly original garment and admirers will be fighting over who tickles your chest first. It’s a win-win situation. Assuming you’re a man.

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