Electronic Cars & Boats Kit
  • Electronic Cars & Boats Kit

Electronic Cars & Boats Kit

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    Building things from colourful bricks and bringing them to life with your imagination is one thing (and a very nice thing at that). But learning about electric circuits and producing a working, moving vehicle is fun on a whole new level. Especially when it’s teaching you important lessons from the National Curriculum at the same time. Stealth learning? That sounds right up our street!

    The Electronic Cars & Boats Kit comes with a full set of instructions, which detail not just the ‘hows’ but the ‘whys’ as well – making this a superb introduction to the world of electronics. Use the simple kit to build a host of fan and propeller-driven vehicles. The step-by-step course follows the standard Year 6 Design and Technology Unit 6D, 'Controllable Vehicles' course (snappy) so you can be sure your young inventors are learning in line with the syllabus.

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