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Electric Friends iPod Speaker
  • Electric Friends iPod Speaker

Electric Friends iPod Speaker

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    Two others too!

    Ki Ki Kat and Chew Chew Dog

    When travelling around with kids, we all know it’s wise to have a box of tricks to keep the little ankle biters happy. With an average attention span of 10 minutes (it seems) even a trip to the park requires a plethora of entertainment aids, so thank heavens for this new musical marvel – the Electric Friends iPod Speaker. Unlike your average iPod speakers and docking stations out there, this quirky range from Japan (where else?) is designed with kids in mind, and each one is a ridiculously cute animal figure.

    Touch sensitive volume control

    Touch the ears to adjust the volume

    Sweet and adorable, these iPod & iPhone docking stations are portable speaker systems, powered by AC adapter or batteries when on the move and equipped with a host of functions, including quality audio playback and touch-sensitive ears to adjust volume. Awww, cutey-cute!

    Choose from Sing Sing Panda, Ki Ki Cat and Chew Chew Dog, attach the iPod or iPhone to their little tummies (awww, even more cute) and listen to them go. Kids will love ‘em, just don’t come running to us when they want to play the latest tune by The Wanted.

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