Electric BBQ Meat Thermometer
  • Electric BBQ Meat Thermometer

Electric BBQ Meat Thermometer

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    Close up of the LCD screen

    LCD screen

    Despite what you might think, barbecued food isn’t meant to be charred on the outside and pink and squishy in the middle (unless it’s a marshmallow). And neither is your al fresco experience meant to end with a trip to A&E to have your stomach pumped.

    So the next time you break out the charcoal and tongs, make sure you’re armed with a bit of kit that could well and truly save your bacon. The Electric BBQ Meat Thermometer is a wonderfully simple way to make sure your meat is cooked to perfection.

    Holding the Electric BBQ Meat Thermometer

    It's a handy size!

    Guaranteed to delight the Heston Blumenthalists out there; just give your food a prod with this discreet metal fork and the LCD screen will quickly display your food’s precise internal temperature. But for those of us who like to keep things simple, the “taste” button will give you a reading from “rare” to “well done”. So not only can you be sure your burgers are safe to eat, you can now cook them to order!

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