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Ekke Shot Glasses

Shots on the rocks

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    Hand finished soapstone shot glasses

    For many people, drinking shots is about as classy as wearing your tie around your head and dancing to Agadoo (which has been known to follow a round of shots). However, there’s more to shots than sickly spirits and pushing pineapples.

    Take the Ekke Shot Glasses for instance. Hand-finished in soapstone, these stacking cylindrical goblets each hold around 60mls (2oz) – making them ideal for delicate digestifs and hot toddies alike. Indeed, the robust soapstone lends itself well to both ends of the temperature spectrum.

    glasses in a row

    Store in the freezer until you need them and never worry about serving room temperature shots!

    They can be stored in the freezer until they’re needed. Line them up when guests are round and pour a dram of your favourite spirit in each. The non-porous stone will chill it in seconds and keep it that way for several minutes. Brr-illiant!

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