Ego WiFi HD Action Camera
  • Ego WiFi HD Action Camera

Ego WiFi HD Action Camera

Is that a walnut on your head?

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    Stream live video footage
    to your smartphone

    Have you ever seen a genetically engineered walnut? Well we thought we had until we saw the USB cable that came with the Ego.This is the tiniest and most advanced of all tiny, advanced action cameras and comes packed to the lenses with all the wizardry the 21st century has to offer.

    Available in a number of bright colours, as well as black for the more stealth/gothically inclined, the Ego WiFi HD Action Camera, well you guessed it, records in 1080p high definition so you can record all the sparkles in the snow after that 'sweet air' ends in a face plant.

    EGO HD WiFi Sports Camera attached to helmet

    Attach to your helmet

    If you have an iPhone, iPad or other smartphone (and if you don't by now, you should probably move out of that cave), you can stream live video footage to your screen. Via the nifty built-in WiFi chip, the ego video camera creates a local wireless network so you can see what you’re recording wherever you may roam.

    The internal microphone will record all the high pitch squeals and fake applause to prove that you were totally in control. And if you don’t fancy yourself as the next cliffhanger then don’t worry, the ego also snaps still photos with its 12 megapixel lens. It even has a continuous photo mode for those times you want to create action stills. Just. Like. A. Strobe. Light.


    Micro SD card slot, HDMI out
    and USB power

    Use the USB connection mode to charge and transfer files to your computer, or view your footage direct on the big screen via HDMI output while the micro SD card slot lets you store your dazzling action for later. Designed for the YouTube generation, each time you record footage it will save two files, one in the desired HD option and one WQVGA ideal for uploading quickly onto all well-known video sites.

    If you’re worrying how this brightly coloured walnut shaped gadget connects to your body, fret not. Included in the box is an adjustable flat adhesive mount (3M) to attach the Ego to; just stick it on desired location and screw the ego onto the mount via the tripod attachment. There are also various extra accessories available, including waterproof housing for surfers and deep sea scuba divers.

    Colours available:
    Colours available

    L-R: Yellow, White, Red, Blue and Black

    Scale shot

    Just 6cm high

    We haven’t seen anything this smart in such a nut shaped package, since… well ever. So get your helmet/snorkel/jumpsuit/wetsuit/pom-pom hat on and start filming, you never know who will be watching.

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