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Eggsterminator Egg Cup
  • Eggsterminator Egg Cup

Eggsterminator Egg Cup

A Dalek a day...

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    Close up

    This egg is now bad!

    We’ve all watched as their dastardly plans and devious schemes have been foiled time and again. Now here’s another thing the Daleks have failed to hatch properly. The Eggsterminator Egg Cup is a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek spin on the Doctor’s arch enemies.

    Made from dark grey ceramic, it’s a great gift for Who fans young and old. For added effect you could even colour in your egg with a black marker pen, or scribble on a slightly Davrossy scowl. Then bash it on the noggin with a spoon. ‘Stand down, soldiers. We’ll handle this one.’

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