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  • Egglings


Cracking herbs

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  • Grow your own herbs from these little ceramic eggs
  • Crack the shell, add water and place in a bright spot. Simple
  • Embrace the egg - nature's perfect container
  • Four scrumptious herbs to choose from


How do you like your eggs? Fried? Boiled? Scrambled? Filled with fortified peat and seeds? Okay, so the latter option isn't quite as popular as the alternatives but it soon will be. Why? Because it is precisely what Egglings are filled with!

No, we're not yoking; these delightful little ceramic eggies look and feel eggsactly (okay, enough already) like extra large eggs, but crack 'em open and you'll discover everything you need to grow your very own herbs and flowers.

Before you ask, we've no idea what prompted the creation of Egglings, but seeing as the egg is often referred to as nature's perfect container, who are we to argue? Besides, Egglings are inexplicably cute and they make highly original gifts for anyone who likes cracking open eggs and nurturing plants - and that's just about everyone, isn't it? What's more, these charming little handmade ovums are already huge in Japan - and our friends in the Far East know a thing or three about bizarre crazes.

Cultivating Egglings is easier than dipping soldiers - simply crack the top open by tapping it with a spoon, place the Eggling on its terracotta drip tray, add water to the pre-sown fortified peat mixture and place it in a bright spot.

Basil Lavender de Provence Petunia


Lavender de Provence


Each Eggling contains sufficient nutrients for the plant inside to grow for up to 5 months, after which it can be planted in a larger pot. But that's not the end of the Eggling, because after transplanting you can smash the shell and add it to the surrounding soil as fertiliser. Ingenious, eh?

We're not trying to egg you on (well, okay, we are a bit) but we really can't overstate quite how enchanting and engrossing these elliptical thingamabobs are. Indeed, if it weren't for the fact we are still trying to work out how they get the contents inside the shell, we could go on about Egglings forever.

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