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From breakfast to Bauhaus

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    Fixing the two parts together

    Like yin and yang!

    Get practicing your wobbly-headed Kevin McCloud impressions – the Egg3 is all set to elevate the humble boiled egg from breakfast to Bauhaus. Sure, it’s just an egg cup; but the chaps behind this striking design have used postmodern architectural forms as their inspiration. What does this mean? Well... if you put your nose at table level and gaze up at it, you could almost be looking at a large, black building. A large black building... with an egg in it.

    Oh alright, so that might be a bit of a stretch. But that doesn’t stop the Egg3 from being a cool, contemporary design. And practical too. The soft, silicone rubber means that whatever the size of the egg (within reason), it’ll be held firmly in place. So even under attack by the wobbliest of heads, it’ll be sure to stay put.

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