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Square egg for your round hole

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  • Rectify the humble egg's completely impractical shape
  • Turns freshly hard-boiled and peeled eggs into cubes
  • Bring a little discipline to your dinner plate – no more rolling around
  • At last you can achieve perfectly uniform sandwich coverage


For hundreds of years, boiled eggs have been the bane of picnics, packed-lunches and dinner plates the world over. It’s their completely illogical shape. No use to man or beast a peeled, hard-boiled egg just won’t do as it’s told. Carry it in a loose lunchbox and it’ll get smooshed, Take it on a picnic and it’ll be rolled away by ants. Serve it on a plate and it’ll end up sliding about like a chubby figure skater. It’s enough to put you off oeufs for life.

But we've now discovered the Egg-Q-Ber and finally brought a little discipline to our dinner plate – because this startlingly nifty gadget will turn any peeled, hard boiled egg into an almost perfect cube.

Just pop it in, close the lid tightly and leave it for 1 minute. That’s it! After 60 anxious seconds you can remove your almost perfectly cubed egg, ready to stack neatly in a bento box, sit on a potato waffle, slather with devilling cream or slice into squares for perfectly uniform sandwich coverage. And just like that, another of life's great quandaries solved.

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  • "Square eggs, just so cool."
    Danielle - 13th of February, 2015