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Edible Fragrance
  • Edible Fragrance
  • Edible Fragrance
  • Edible Fragrance
  • Edible Fragrance
  • Edible Fragrance

Edible Fragrance

Can I lick it? Yes, you can!

  • Cherry Blossom and Mandarin
    In Stock£19.99$25.99€22.99
  • Pear and Vanilla
    In Stock£19.99$25.99€22.99
  • Watermelon & Citrus
    In Stock£19.99$25.99€22.99
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Brand spanking NEW
  • Cocktail flavoured perfumes that you can eat!
  • Exquisite edible fragrances in three fruity, floral flavours
  • Each one is 100% vegan and infused with real tantalising tipples
  • Spray on cocktails for an extra blast of flavour
  • Or spritz your skin for a lickable layer of sensual scent


We all love licking other people’s skin (No? Just us?), but if only it got us a little bit drunk at the same time. Luckily the boozy wizards at Smith & Sinclair have solved this little problem.

Accidentally wafting some of your perfume into your mouth is no longer a bad experience, thanks to these stupidly delicious Lick Your Scent edible fragrances. Each one is a blend of hand-picked fruit, flowers, and a naughty twist of your favourite tipple.

Choose from:
  • Sweet but sophisticated Pear & Vanilla (with vodka and calvados)
  • Exotic and exquisite Cherry Blossom & Mandarin (with gin)
  • Tropical and tempting Watermelon & Citrus (with vodka and passionfruit liqueur)
Of course, their primary purpose is as a body fragrance, but they can also be spritzed on cocktails to add extra dimensions to your favourite drinks - perfect for when a complicated cocktail recipe requires loads of ingredients and you’re just not really up for spending the afternoon trekking around all the supermarkets looking for a £40 bottle of calvados that you’ll never touch again.

Pro tip: We like it best delicately misted over a negroni.

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