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Edible Bling Spray
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Edible Bling Spray

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    Spraying strawberries

    Bling up your strawberries!

    It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling. In fact we love ostentatious shiny things so much we’ve taken to eating them. Yes, really. And we’re not talking signet rings and bracelets. We’re talking gold gherkins and silver sausages. It’s easy with Edible Bling Spray.

    Tasteless in every sense, this 100% edible spray paint will coat any food you fancy with a layer of gleaming bling. Choose from silver or gold. Brilliant! Simply spray it over your food and tuck in. The result is truly stunning. You can spray strawberries, gild gherkins, coat cakes – and those are just the daft alliterative examples. Why not bling up desserts, burgers, bananas and tomatoes too? The possibilities are endless. If you can eat it, you can spray it.

    Golden crisp Silver Doughnut Artwork on the can

    A true 'Golden' wonder!

    The silver doughnut didn't last long

    Artwork on the can is as impressive!

    Totally harmless, Edible Bling Spray is guaranteed to wow guests at dinner soirees. Use it at weddings, kids’ parties, anniversaries, Posh and Becks tribute evenings or go bling crazy at Christmas. Silver sprouts? Now you’re talking. Even regular meals will benefit from a quick spray. Mmm, golden turkey twizzlers.

    Unless you’re a regular at King Midas’s palace we guarantee you’ll be blown away by this amazing stuff. Adding a decadent Blumenthal-esque flourish to food has never been easier. And with the current financial crisis looming like a soggy great blanket, there’s never been a more appropriate time to brighten up your nosh with a bit of bling. All together now, you are gold…gold!

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