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Edge Lasagne Pan
  • Edge Lasagne Pan

Edge Lasagne Pan

Lasagne like it should be

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    Edge Lasagne Pan

    Nothing will stick to the Edge

    Love lasagne, hate slop? Then prepare to kiss your fingers in Italian-style approval because the amazing Edge Lasagne Pan is the answer to all your pasta-based prayers. Grazie mille!

    Just like its Brownie baking stable mate, this heavy-gauge cast aluminium pan has interior sidewalls that circulate heat evenly, thus ensuring each lasagne portion remains moist in the middle with crisp, perfectly cooked edges on both sides - just like mamma never made. Capisci?

    Edge Lasagne Pan Edge Lasagne Pan Edge Lasagne Pan

    Make sure your pan is clean

    Add your ingredients and bake

    Hey presto! Perfectly cooked Lasagne

    Sloppy, shapeless lasagne will soon become the gloop of kitchen nightmares past, as you dish up serving after serving of layered pasta deliciousness. We’ll even throw in a handy non-scratch nylon spatula. And you can forget about soaking, scrubbing or chiselling off welded béchamel sauce because the ultra-durable Edge boasts a special non-stick coating. Prego!

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