Edge Brownie Pan
  • Edge Brownie Pan

Edge Brownie Pan

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    Made out of aluminium

    Non-stick cast aluminium

    Brownies are all the rage these days. In fact the mere thought of them is enough to make us start drooling like cake-addicted dimwits. The problem is most munchers are forced to take out a mortgage and head to the nearest coffee shop for their sweet cakey fix. But not us. We make our own using the revolutionary Edge Brownie Pan.

    As you can see, this strange looking pan has interior sidewalls. No, not to make your pre-sliced brownie look like a wiggly snake (although that’s a bonus), but to circulate heat evenly, thus ensuring your individual brownies are moist in the middle with perfectly caramelised corners and dense chewy edges on both sides, just like mom never made. Mmm…brownies.

    Recipes included!

    Recipes included!

    Dry edges and uncooked centres will instantly become the stuff of kitchen nightmares past, as you produce batch after batch of crispy edged treats. Simply chuck in your favourite brownie mix and Nigella’s your aunt. You can even lick the spoon in a seductive manner before inviting some unemployed actors round to pose as friends.
    Ready, steady, cook...

    Edge Brownie Pan Edge Brownie Pan Edge Brownie Pan

    Add your brownie mix

    Pop in the oven

    Mmm... time to eat!

    Made out of aluminium

    A crispy edgy treat!

    Made from heavy-gauge cast aluminium, the Edge is non-stick so your brownie will plop out easily, ready for slicing. It’s even got recessed handles allowing you to grip it with ease when turning out your heavenly creations.

    Cleaning the Edge is a doddle because we’ll throw in a special nylon spatula to ensure you don’t scratch its non-stick surface. Talking of freebies, this innovative pan also comes with a recipe leaflet that tells you how to make yummy delights such as marbled cheesecake brownies and raspberry pecan blondies. Oh go on, the diet can wait!

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